Calculating Zakat carefully is a part of your obligation. Use Zakatcalc's free online Zakat calculator to calculate your Zakat. Create an account if you would like to save or download your Zakat calculation. Before your start, it will be helpful to have following ready for your personal or business assets.

  • Sum of cash in hand including any foreign currrency.
  • Online bank statements or in app bank statements for local and foreign currrency accounts. Postal statement may by few days out.
  • Credit card statements.
  • Weight of Gold and Silver or their value. You can add new field for different carat/karat. Perhaps buying a small digital kitchen scale will help or visit a jeweller.
  • Current value of your pensions, shares, ISA & Trusts etc.
  • Debts that are owed to you.
  • Debts you owe to others.
  • Utility bills and other payments which are due (arrears).

Each section has explanation about what should be added or excluded. You can add fields with custom name for your future reference.

Step 1: Select your currency
Step 2: Select assets and liabilities categories that apply to you
Step 3: Click on " " icon to view the explanation on each section to learn what you should enter
Note: The website is based on UK financials. Non UK users should consult local scholar(s) for shares, pension and nisab calculations. Also consult local scholar(s) for Zakat on crop and livestock.

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My Assets

Gold and Silver
Business assets
Money lent to others
Foreign currency
Property investment
ISA, Trusts etc.
Other zakatable assets

My Liabilities

Amounts that you personally or your business owe. Also include short and long term debts. For long term debts i.e conventional property loan, mortgage, you can only deduct principal payments (interest payments can not be deducted) due in the next 12 lunar months. Do not include payments which are due after 12 lunar months.

Sharia compliant home purchase plans (ijârah and diminishing mushârakah) payments cannot be deducted except for any rental payments which are already due (arrear). Future payments should not be included.

Personal Liabilities
Business Liabilities

Zakat, Zakat-ul-Fit'r (Fitrana) and Fidyah (Kaffarah) are different to each other and are not related. Please consult your local scholars for Fitrana and Fidya.

Zakat-ul-Fit'r (Fitrana)

Fitrana is due on every household member including children and should be paid before Eid Salah. Head of household can pay on behalf of the whole family.

Zakat-ul-Fit'r option

Calculate Fitrana
Fitrana Amount

Fidyah (Kaffarah)

Fidyah is compensation for missing Ramadhan fast because of terminal illness, long term illness and should be paid if person can’t make it up. Kaffarah is major compensation on a person who breaks a fast intentionally or breaks a fast with out valid reason. Kaffarah would be to fast for sixty consecutive days and qadha fast for each broken fast. If the person can’t keep these fasts because of illness or poor health then sixty poor people should be feed.

Fidyah/Kaffarah option

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Fidyah Amount


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Here's a summary of the information you've provided and how much Zakat you need to give.
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