Zakat-ul-Fit'r (Sadaqah al-Fitr)  for 1441/2020 UK

Zakat-ul-Fit'r (Sadaqah al-Fitr) for 1441/2020 UK

  • Date: 12-29-2020

Zakat-ul-Fit'r (Sadaqah al-Fitr) obligation is fulfilled by donating

- ½ SA of wheat

- or 1 SA of dates, barley or raisins.


Hence the rounded up value is

Wheat ½ SA = £4

Barley 1 SA = £6

Dates 1 SA = £15

Raisins 1 SA = £17


One may also donate £3.5 as minimum value or any of the above. Higher donations reap higher rewards.

Zakat-ul-Fit'r (Sadaqah al-Fitr) should reach the poor by Eid day , Hence donate to an organisation after quering them.

Please consult your local scholars for further details on Zakat-ul-Fit'r (Sadaqah al-Fitr/Fitrana)

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